Ruhango: Survivors Happy for Respect Accorded to Genocide Victims

Survivors of 1994 Tutsi genocide in Byimana sector in Ruhango district have revealed that they are happy because the bodies of their genocide victims are lying in a descent grave.  

This comes after genocide survivors used to complain about Byimana memorial center that was not renovated to the standards.

However, despite of the complaints, the memorial site was rebuilt during the 19th genocide commemoration week costing Rwf2.4 million, one million contributed by Byimana sector residents that reside outside the place and another million from Ruhango district administration.

Rebuilding Byimana genocide memorial site was decided on during the meeting

The decision to renovate the memorial site was agreed on during the meeting of Byimana sector authorities and Kigali town residents born from Byimana sector on February 24th 2013.

The executive secretary of Byimana sector, Byimana Jean Marie Nahayo explains that renovation activities were done quickly so that survivors do not continue to be affected by the fact that their deceased are not properly protected.

Though renovated, the remaining work such as putting tiles on the inside grave walls is expected to cost Rwf400000, Rwf450000 for pavement, construction of the grave covering Rwf8 million and Rwf3 million for the construction of the second grave.

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