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Car Hire Tips in Rwanda

Hiring a car in Rwanda is not as complicated as it used to be especially during the post-genocide era. It is very possible that visitors can find a car immediately after landing at Kigali international airport. The only thing requested of travelers is just filling in the necessary documents as given by the car rental […]

Fred Rwigema: A National Hero

1978: Idi Amin Dada invades Tanzania. Tanzanians manage to hold the dictator’s troops away with the help of Ugandans and Rwandans from the Diaspora (Museveni and Rwigema included). 1979: UNLA (Uganda National Liberation Army) is created to put an end to the tyrant Idi Amin and his dictatorship. Paul Kagame enlists, so does Museveni and […]

Car Free Day Excites Rwandans

For the first time, Rwandans today switched off car engines and walked and cycled to observe the just introduced Car Free Day. City residents assembled in the car free zone in the central business district while others gathered at the massive parking yard of Rwanda Revenue Authority Premises to recieve free medical checkup for non […]

World City Planners Want Kigali to Host MetroLab Headquarters

Global experts on city planning have today proposed that Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali should host the regional Metrolab headquarters. The experts are holding their 7th cession also called Metropolitan Strategic Planning Laboratory (MetroLab) in Kigali, in partnership with the World Bank Group. The four-day forum has brought together city planners and political leaders, to discuss metropolitan […]

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