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Rwanda Car Rental

Hiring a car in Rwanda is not as complicated as it used to be especially during the post-genocide era. It is very possible that visitors can find a car immediately after landing at Kigali international airport. The only thing requested of travelers is just filling in the necessary documents as given by the car rental provider.

Before planning to hire a car in Rwanda, the visitor should ensure that they possess a valid international driving license that is accepted in Rwanda, and other identity documents such as valid passport or national identity card which are supposed to be valid during the day for the hire.

No agency will ever rent a car in Rwanda to any guest without clear identification and proof that shows the client is eligible to drive a car. A car can be handed to the guest if only they issue clear identification documents and licenses.

Valuable car hire tips in Rwanda

The model of the car is vital

It’s good to look at the amount of seats and the number of doors that the car has got. The car shown might not be the one that you are going to get. Always be aware of this because many people go into war about this, so always read the print well. Always book a 4 wheel drive with four door model. 

The convey ion of the car

There would be nothing bad than someone coming to recover their car only to find that they can’t drive it. So when you are booking a car in Rwanda, it’s important that you ensure they are booking a transmission that he or she can drive. They must have a realistic view of their driving abilities as well.

Make the best use of a credit card during car pick up

Hiring a car comes with its own challenges! But ensure that you utilize your credit card when picking up your ride for your road trips in Rwanda. If you opt for a debit card, you may incur an authorized charge and a lot more extra costs you probably never planned for.

Most car hire companies used to check renter’s credit score especially if you used a debit card to ensure you can meet any cost but this policy has presently been altered among several car hire agencies/companies. In case you opt to hire a vehicle using a debit card, ensure that you cross-check online to know what the policy it is such that you won’t live in the world of surprises.

Children cost more to drive a hire car

Well, we all need our children to be behind the wheels and probably, your 23-year old son or daughter may have the best driving record but the fact is that most car hire companies never care about it. Most of the car hire agencies/companies look at them as potential liability to their rental cars. Even when young drivers are in position to hire a car at 21 years, they are most likely to meet extra charge because they are below 25 years. In case you plan to travel with persons below 25, ensure they are not added as extra/additional drivers. This will save you a lot wallet wise.

Have minimum number of drivers

Whether you plan to go on a family trip in Rwanda or simply a getaway with your colleagues, ensure you have a minimum number of drivers. This is because you may incur a charge on every extra driver you include whether they drive or not. But at times, car hire companies waive the charge for corporate rental cars or spouse. Before you get excited, ensure that you double-check to be certain of what policy it is since this differs from company to company.

Make the best use of insurance

If you consider renting a car in Rwanda, ensure you have insurance from a reliable agency. Note, some car hire companies charge highly for insurance and this can be an option in case you fail to find other alternatives. There are many insurance companies in and around Kigali to deal with. But you can still shop around car hire companies to enjoy good discounts as well.

Do not hire a car at the airport

Renting a car at the airport is simple since you can easily bump into a car rental company as soon as you land into the airport. But where you hire your car for vacation is one essential factor you need to consider. Note that car hire agencies/companies pay surcharge for an airport fee which is passed onto the client hiring their cars. You can save yourself from such unexpected costs by dealing with a rental company outside the airport.

Drive within the paved roads

While others may look at this as obvious, in real sense it is not. Most rental companies don’t entertain that business of off-road driving. Off-road driving can be violation of what is stipulated on the car hire agreement and it important to cross-check if the company does allow for off-road driving.

Fill up the car tank prior returning it

You have enjoyed your trip but it is time to return your ride to a company. Firstly, know the fuel policy of the car rental company you are dealing with. Some companies require you to return the vehicle full tank and if you don’t, this may land you on extra charge which you didn’t plan for. Read and understand different companies’ gas/fuel policies so as not to be left in surprises.

Pack your own extras where need be

Planning for a Rwanda self-drive tour? Save a lot from incurring costs for things you already have if you plan to self-drive in Rwanda. There are some essential items you can come along with like GPS, Google maps, satellite radio, kid seats and others.

Company’s operating hours

You must also consider the car rental company operating hours; the operating hours stand one of the biggest and important factors which the travellers should consider before booking their vehicle in the company operating hours.

The 24 hour drop off and pick up service option not only allows the travellers to plan time around their schedule but also to be aground or locked out in case they reach after 5:00pm. The flexibility will give the vacationers extra peace of mind while they are adventuring a new locale.


The best ways to hire a 4×4 car in Rwanda is just by hitting the internet and book it direct online and pay for it in advance. Early bookings help travelers not to waste time at the airport, the moment you land the car is available for your destinations.

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