Car Free Day Excites Rwandans

For the first time, Rwandans today switched off car engines and walked and cycled to observe the just introduced Car Free Day.

City residents assembled in the car free zone in the central business district while others gathered at the massive parking yard of Rwanda Revenue Authority Premises to recieve free medical checkup for non communicable diseases which a recent survey indicated were on the rise.

The City Mayor told residents that Rwanda needs a health population and urged them on prevention measures than waiting to suffer from preventable diseases. Residents also engaged in fitness exercises.

From 7am upto noon, vehicles were not driven on roads including; KN4 Avenue, KN3 Road, KN5 Road, KG11 Avenue, and KG17.

Car Free Day aims at encouraging Rwandans to be less dependent on their cars and cutdown pollution, noise and danger that they produce.

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