EAC Jamafest Gets own Website

East Africa Jamafest

The Deputy Secretary General of the East African Community in charge of Productive and Social Sectors Hon. Jesca Eriyo today launched the website for the forthcoming EAC Arts and Culture Festival that will take place in Rwanda.

Eriyo while launching the website welcomed all artists and ordinary citizens to take part in the event. The website address is www.jamafest.org.

The website is a one-stop resource providing information on the Festival, also known as Jamafest. The EAC Arts and Culture Festival will take place from February 9-16 this year.

She stated that with the launch of the website, the East African citizens and international community will be updated constantly about the Festival. Similarly, information will be made available via the Jamafest Facebook and Twitter pages.

“Our reach will not be limited to only East Africa, but across the African continent, and the rest of the world”.

The EAC official noted that organizing successful large social events like JAMAFEST requires support from Partner States, local communities, private sector/companies, organizations, as well as international backing.

With the rise of social media, keeping all these stakeholders happy, informed and up-to-date is becoming easier.

Rwanda will host the Festival, the first of its kind, on the theme “Fostering the East African Community integration through the cultural industries”.

More than five venues across the country will host events and activities that include a carnival, live musical performances, theatre, arts exhibitions, workshops and symposiums among others. Preparations are in high gear for the event that is expected to attract hundreds of artists from the region.

Furthermore a ‘Jamafest Village of Countries’ is expected to be the standout attraction for the eight-day fete.

The village will provide a platform for the participants from the five Partner States to showcase the best their countries have to offer, hence promoting socio-cultural exchanges among East Africans.

The Jamafest Village will feature a country day for each one of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

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