Genocide Victims Should not be Buried Anywhere-IBUKA

This was said while in a ceremony to commemorate the genocide victims in Tumba sector, Huye district, on the 21/04/2013.

“These people suffered very bad deaths and therefore this is why they are supposed to be buried in memorial sites where they can be remembered very often”, said the vice president of IBUKA, Nkuranga.

He added on explaining why they are buried in memorial site saying that these are places with security which limits many people from going there.

He gave an example of people who bury them in their homes and later shift to other places leaving the deceased at any one’s mercy.

Again Nkuranga said that places like the cemeteries after 20yrs can be used for other purpose which is not like the memorial sites.

With this therefore he called on people to give information about such people who are not buried in memorial sites, so that they can receive descent burial, in a place where they will not face any such problems.

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