Launching of ARENA

The Rwandan Alliance for the Renaissance of the Nation, ARENA, is pleased to announce to the Rwandan population and the international community the creation of a new political party, ARENA.

ARENA is created in response to the failure of the RPF regime to promote national reconciliation and to resolve the problems of poverty. ARENA, moreover, responds to the violence, corruption, exclusion, and human rights violations that have characterize the RPF regime.

The objective of ARENA is the construction of a State which is a Nation-State and a Rule of law, based on the values of integrity, justice and equity.

ARENA is committed to a parliamentary regime with a Prime Minister as the Head of Government . The Head of State will be a President or a Monarch depending on the results of the referendum. The Head of State will not be involved in the daily management of the State.

ARENA will work toward a strong and bicameral National Assembly; and as all State Institutions, it will be inclusive of all ethnic groups. ARENA equally upholds the inclusion of women in all political institutions and decision-making bodies by at least thirty per cent. The civil society will be granted a consultative role towards the three State powers as well as local and regional political bodies.

In order to sustainably reconcile the people of Rwanda, and given the complexity of the situation, ARENA upholds restorative justice, while providing severe punishment for the masterminds and other leaders of various crimes. Therefore, a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission will be created to investigate the genocide of Tutsi and the crimes committed by RPF.

ARENA greatly respects international conventions, meaningful dialogue, and peaceful resolution of conflict. In this vein, Rwanda troops must withdraw from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and a dialogue with that country must take place to peacefully resolve Rwandan’s security concerns.
The Coordination Committee of ARENA

Alexandre Kimenyi

Joseph Ngarambe

Gratien Rudakubana
Concepteur en development de logiciels

Joseph Kabuye Sebarenzi
Ancien Président de l?assemble national du Rwanda

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