Rwanda & Burundi Police in Cross-border Security Deal

Ndayambaje and Gasana

Rwanda and Burundi Police Forces met to assess the cross-border security situation in the two countries.

The meeting presided over by Chiefs of Police from the two countries and attended by officers from the two forces and Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) in the border district of Huye was in line with the existing Memorandum of Understanding signed on July 21, 2011.

It was also a follow-up on the implementation of the recommendation of the previous meeting held on May 7 last year that laid more strategies against cross-border crimes.

According to police sources, the partnership, according to presentations by the two forces, improved the cross-border security as majority of the criminals have been apprehended and deported to their respective countries and stolen properties handed over to the rightful owners.

The police say, theft, especially of motorcycles and vehicles and illegal border crossings are the major cross-border crimes registered, which are at times facilitated by the nature of borders, which are porous.

The Inspector General of Police, Emmanuel Gasana reiterated that joint cooperation is paramount to combating cross-border crimes and to ensure security of people in both countries.

“Timely sharing of information, joint training and operations are strong pillars for peace and security, sustainable development, crime prevention and combating transnational organized crimes,” said Gasana.

“We need to take another step forward to deal with security challenges that still exist as we move from commitment to action,” he added.

The two forces commended the already existing cooperation which has yielded positive results, especially in the fields of training, joint operations and tracking down criminals.

The Burundian Police Chief, André Ndayambaje, termed the partnership as a “means to security and sustainable peace.”

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