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  • Animals of Nyungwe Park Destroy fields in Neighboring Areas

    In Uwamusebeya cell, Ruheru sector, peasants living in the vicinity of Nyungwe National Park complain that wild animals called “Ibihinyage” are ravaging their fields. They need to be compensated for their crops. As Ndayisenga Fréderic, one of the inhabitants of this cell, explains, when these animals ravage their fields, they inform the SGF (Special Guarantee […]

  • Nyanza: GAERG, AERG help Vulnerable Genocide Survivors

    Members of GAERG, and AERG, the organizations for genocide survivor former university students donated to vulnerable genocide survivors to help them improve on social standards. GEARG and AERG on March 7, donated cows, renovated houses and built kitchen gardens (uturima tw’igikoni) for the vulnerable old genocide widows. The event was marked by umuganda in Kibilizi […]

  • Kigali-based Fashion House listed among 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World

    Fast Company, whose mission is to “inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business,” has listed Made in Kigali among the world’s 50 most innovative companies. The Kigali-based fashion house is praised for “helping to build an industry from scratch.” In a blog post, Emma Whitford explains […]

  • Women Integral to Governance, Peacebuilding in Africa

    Ruth Aine, a Ugandan blogger and social media trainer, has shared an opinion piece highlighting the integral role women play in Africa’s success. She pulls examples from Rwanda. Excerpts from the piece include: After arriving in Kigali last month, the first thing my friends and I did was hire motorcycles and ride around the city. […]

  • Why Rwanda’s Youth are ‘wired’ to Lead Africa

    They say that home is where the heart is. For many of us, the idea of ‘home’ conjures feelings of comfort and convenience — the good life. But what if home is where heartache is? After residing in Uganda for most of her young life, Clarisse Iribagiza returned to her home in Rwanda kicking and […]

  • Over 3,000 expected for Rwanda Day in Atlanta

    Over 3,000 Rwandans and friends of Rwanda are expected to attend the sixth edition of Rwanda Day, scheduled Saturday, September 20, in the US city of Atlanta, Georgia. Rwanda Day events have since become a platform for strategic networking and closing business deals between government officials, businesses and the Diaspora community. This year’s event is […]

  • Rwanda Ranked 3rd Greenest Country in Africa

    Are you planning your safari today? Where are you going for a safari? If you’ve not yet include Rwanda the third best place to visit in Africa, it’s high time you include it on your must see list before the end of this year. This small country is blessed with a lot of tourist attraction […]

  • Ending Gender-Based Violence in Rwanda

    The Guardian tells the story of Samuel Munyaneza, 45, and his wife Florence Uzamunkunda, 32, and their determination to end gender-based violence both in their home and their community. The dramatic change in the couple’s life came after Samuel agreed to attend a gender-training programme in order to avoid being reported to law enforcers. Run […]

  • Genocide Survivors Demand Protection of Memorial Sites

    Nyaruguru district residents living in Kigali town have requested that historical places should be marked even when the memorial graves are shifted to other places. The request comes after the government of Rwanda has embarked on reducing the number of 1994 Tutsi genocide memorial sites for easy maintenance. Genocide memorial sites were built in areas […]

  • Genocide Victims Should not be Buried Anywhere-IBUKA

    This was said while in a ceremony to commemorate the genocide victims in Tumba sector, Huye district, on the 21/04/2013. “These people suffered very bad deaths and therefore this is why they are supposed to be buried in memorial sites where they can be remembered very often”, said the vice president of IBUKA, Nkuranga. He […]