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  • Fred Rwigema: A National Hero

    Fred Rwigema: A National Hero

    1978: Idi Amin Dada invades Tanzania. Tanzanians manage to hold the dictator’s troops away with the help of Ugandans and Rwandans from the Diaspora (Museveni and Rwigema included). 1979: UNLA (Uganda National Liberation Army) is created to put an end to the tyrant Idi Amin and his dictatorship. Paul Kagame enlists, so does Museveni and […]

  • Kampeta Sayinzoga, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance

    Rwanda’s permanent secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, and secretary to the Treasury, cuts an unexpected figure. Just 33 years old and female, Kampeta Sayinzoga is far from the normal demographic for someone in her job. “I’m in a position that normally should be for a 65 year old man, and I’m […]

  • Scientists to Add Nutrients in Rwandan Sweet Potatoes

    Rwanda has partnered with the International Potato center that will help in research aimed at improving nutrients in local sweet potato variety. Sweet potatoes are widely grown and consumed across Rwanda. However, scientists from the international potato center advise nutrients such as vitamin A, iron and zinc should be added to these potatoes. Adiel Mbabu-regional […]

  • Over 24,000 School Dropouts in Eastern Province Resume Studies

    More than 24,092children that had dropped out of school in Rwanda’s eastern province have been located and taken back to resume studies in the second term. The campaign coincides with celebration of the African child’s day that also aims at raising awareness of the continuing need for improvement of the education provided to African children. […]

  • Car Free Day Excites Rwandans

    For the first time, Rwandans today switched off car engines and walked and cycled to observe the just introduced Car Free Day. City residents assembled in the car free zone in the central business district while others gathered at the massive parking yard of Rwanda Revenue Authority Premises to recieve free medical checkup for non […]

  • World City Planners Want Kigali to Host MetroLab Headquarters

    Global experts on city planning have today proposed that Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali should host the regional Metrolab headquarters. The experts are holding their 7th cession also called Metropolitan Strategic Planning Laboratory (MetroLab) in Kigali, in partnership with the World Bank Group. The four-day forum has brought together city planners and political leaders, to discuss metropolitan […]

  • Kagame UPs HeForShe Commitment to 500,000 Champions

    From 100,000 commitment to raise that number of Rwandans backing the global HeForShe campaign, Rwanda made a new move this Thursday to have five times more champions. President Paul Kagame today called on every Rwandan man to be part of the campaign. We should have at least 500,000 champions, said Kagame while addressing 1000s of […]

  • American Firm Turns Kigali’s Dirty Water Into Its Finest

    American Firm Turns Kigali’s Dirty Water Into Its Finest

    Rwanda’s Capital City, Kigali will have 100% access to clean water by January 2017, according to Infrastructure Minister James Musoni. Minister Musoni made the revelation earlier in the day shortly before President Paul Kagame inaugurated a 25,000m3 water plant built by an American firm, Culligan International. Kigali city needs 20,000m3 more, per day, to bridge […]

  • Tired Of Misery, Genocide Survivors Establish A Billion Francs Fund

    A group of students, all members of the association of survivors of genocide against Tutsi (AERG), has established a multimillion fund from which they will mobilise large capital to invest in profitable ventures. Any investment they will make, eventually, is expected to draw the orphans out of vulnerable groups. AERG members, now 43,000, from Universities, […]

  • Miss Rwanda 2016 contestants explore Akagera Beauty

    The beauty of 15 young female finalists in the Miss Rwanda 2016 beauty contest will not be enough for them to compete if they don’t know the beauty of their country. In order to ensure this, the team of finalist explored the beauty of Akagera National Park on February 22.  Below are some of the […]