AMAHORO-PEOPLE’S CONGRESS held its first Congress on May 18-19,2002 in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada, as had been scheduled by the coordination committee in its March 25, 2002 communiqué to the members while it was still called ARENA-ISANGANO.

During the Congress, delegates reviewed and assessed the Party’s first year, reiterated the fundamental principles of the party, adopted its guiding documents, and elected its first executive committee.

In reference to the first year and its accomplishments, delegates agreed that, as a result of the launching of the party in March 2001, Rwandans are more aware of the political situation prevailing in their country, have engaged in debates concerning the future of Rwanda, and, for the first time since 1994, have surpassed the ethnic labels that had crippled the people.  

In regard to the recent difficulties that were caused by anti-democratic practices, the congress decided to expel Mr. Joseph K. Sebarenzi, Mr. Joseph Ngarambe, Mr. Deus Kagiraneza, Mr. Gerard Karangwa, Mr. Augustin Kamongi, and Mr. Emmanuel Kaviziya from the party.

In response to the false declarations issued in our name, and after revisiting the principles and strategies of the party, the participants opted to change the name of the party from ARENA-ISANGANO to AMAHORO-PEOPLE’S CONGRESS, which best reflect the core values of the organization.  All assets have been transferred to AMAHORO-People’s Congress and the Congress has ordered all living documents, the party’s website, the official email address, the party’s physical address, and the party’s discussion groups be updated to reflect the name change within the next seven days.

AMAHORO-People’s Congress reiterates its commitments to the freedom of the people to participate in the debates and decisions that affect their lives. 

AMAHORO-People’s Congress, mindful of Rwandan history, advocates for a parliamentarian system in the framework of a consociational democracy. This type of governance backed with decentralization of power, and the application of a fair and impartial justice, which is not only punitive but also restorative, will lead to a more stable and peaceful society in Rwanda.

The congress adopted the fundamental documents of the
 party and elected its first executive committee, namely:

Alexandre Kimenyi, President.

Jeff Nsengimana, Vice President.

Gratien Rudakubana, Secretary General.

AMAHORO People’s Congress maintains that only peaceful means can bring about lasting solutions to the issues facing our country.  We stand ready to work with any organization that advocates for change in Rwanda through peaceful means.

Done in Ottawa, Canada, May 20, 2002.

Alexandre Kimenyi,

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